HobbyStar 550 brushed crawler motors feature a robust design to stand up to grueling environments and even feature a built-in fan to help keep things cool.  Dual-ball bearings provide peak performance and reliability, and the 3-slot construction provides smooth throttle control for your crawler. Easy to maintain waterproof design, just dry them out and give them some oil after a wet or muddy run and they'll be ready for another round. If you are looking for a powerful, reliable, economical and versatile powerplant for your crawler look no further!




  • 3-slot armature
  • Adjustable timing
  • Waterproof
  • Available in a variety of turns
  • Pre-soldered leads with bullet plugs
  • Dual ball-bearings
  • Rebuildable


Product Power KV Max Current Voltage Resistance Length (mm) Diameter (mm) Shaft Length (mm) Shaft Diameter (mm) Weight (g) Connectors (mm)
550/12T 90W 2085 65A 1S-2S 47mΩ 57 36 16 3.175 240 4.0
550/21T 80W 1778 58A 1S-3S 62mΩ 57 36 16 3.175 240 4.0
550/27T 70W 1389 52A 2S-3S 110mΩ 57 36 16 3.175 240 4.0
550/35T 60W 1046 42A 2S-4S 150mΩ 57 36 16 3.175 240 4.0