HobbyStar Terrain-Star tires are designed to work on a wide variety of surfaces.  A mix of large and small lugs along with smaller "pins" throughout the tread surface provide grip on everything from pavement to loose and hard-packed dirt.  Medium rubber compound provides excellent traction and wear characteristics.  Standard short-course size with a 2.2"/3.0" inner diameter.

Mounted on stylish HobbyStar Double-Star short-course wheels, they include foam and come un-glued. These are 0-offset wheels which make them ideal for short course trucks like the Losi 22SCT/SCTE or any other truck running 0-offset wheels. One set of 2 tires/wheels.


  • Tires: 4" tall, 2.2"/3.0" inside diameter
  • Wheels: 12mm hex, 0-offset