Designed with 1/10 scale competition in mind, the HobbyStar 540 brushless, sensored motor packs features like adjustable can timing, precision high RPM ABEC5 bearings and they are precision engineered for maximum energy conversion to give you the edge you need to win.  Available in a wide variety of turns in both SPEC and MOD versions, all housed in a beautifully machined T6 billet aluminum housing for the ultimate in strength and heat dissipation.  


  • High RPM precision bearings
  • Adjustable timing
  • CNC machined billet T6 aluminum heatsink can
  • High-purity copper windings maximize conductivity
  • High-power solder tabs
  • Powerful sintered neodymium magnets
  • Precision engineered for maximum energy conversion
  • Available in both SPEC and MOD versions

 Product  LiPo Max Amps Rotor Poles IO (7.4V) Resistance Turns Watts    Rotor   
KV (RPM/Volt) Weight (g) Shaft Diameter (mm) Type
4.5T1-2S108A26.9A0.00424.549012.5 x 57,6201783.175MODIFIED
5.5T1-2S100A25.8A0.00615.543012.5 x 56,4501783.175MODIFIED
6.5T1-2S94A24.1A0.00876.539012.5 x 55,3501783.175MODIFIED
7.5T1-2S86A23.5A0.01047.536012.5 x 54,7001783.175MODIFIED
8.5T1-3S80A23.2A0.01388.534012.5 x 54,1001783.175MODIFIED
9.5T1-3S70A22.7A0.01659.529012.5 x 53,7001783.175MODIFIED
10.5T1-3S63A21.9A0.020810.525012.5 x 53,4501783.175MODIFIED
11.5T1-3S56A21.8A0.025811.522012.5 x 53,2001783.175MODIFIED
13.5T1-3S49A21.6A0.036113.519012.5 x 52,8601783.175MODIFIED
10.5T1-3S63A21.9A0.020810.525012.5 x 7.23,6001783.175SPEC
13.5T1-3S49A21.6A0.036113.519012.5 x 7.23,0501783.175SUPER-STOCK
17.5T1-3S34A21..1A0.051417.513012.5 x 7.22,2001783.175STOCK
21.5T1-3S28A20.9A0.087521.510012.5 x 7.21,7601783.175SPEC

540 Sensored Motor Manual  - Click on link to view the file, or right-click (control-click on a Mac) the link and choose “Save Link As...” to save the file to your computer.